20th May

Biotic Bars

Biotic Bars, we got a camera, a beat so we decided to film Biotic spittin some bars for ya. Beat by Russ Insideus check the heat!

11th May

Amped Up Entertainment Presents: Greeley Vs Sturdy

Amped Up Entertainment Presents: Greeley Vs Sturdy


Amped Up Entertainment Presents Greeley Vs Sturdy, the first battle release from the recent Evolutionevent held at Grumpys down in Melbourne. This battle was one of the main battles on the card for the night and did not pissapoint….

We saw both battlers going hard with some good bars and watched Greeley drop some real talk during his third round regarding some battle knowledge.

Watch the brand new battle below

11th March

Killers Creed – Scattered [Official Video]

“Killers Creed” an exciting five piece metal band from Brisbane Australia. No one genre of metal comes to mind when listening to Killer’s Creed, its more of a mix of many that gel together nicely with a unique style and sound over all. Killer’s Creed plan for 2016 is to hit the studio and tour, tour, tour. It’s with great pleasure we share with you Killer’s Creed’s debut film clip “Scattered” A post world wide catastrophic disaster, Leaving whoever is left to fend for themselves, everyway and anyway possible.

Filmed and edited by – Mitch Macrae

3rd March

ON A ROLL Interview and new video

We are proud sponsors and very excited about the new rollerblading video game ” On A Roll” coming to PS4, XBOX One, PC ,PS3, XBOX360.

So we had a talk with Jelle Van den Audenaeren, The creator of On A Roll to see how the game development is coming along and what we can expect on the release day. And also the latest Project update video based on the Winter Clash skatepark! Its so dope!

Check Check!


So Jelle tell us how On a roll all started
I have been dreaming about a rollerblading game ever since I got into it in 1997, a game where you could do any trick you could think of and not be restricted by whether you actually had the guts to try it. But back then I just thought it would be too complex for the current generation … Read More »

26th February

Amped Up – Kick Flips: Harry Baker vs Dunn D video

Amped Up welcomes our first battler from the UK – Don’t Flop’s Harry Baker – in a battle against national hero Dunn D. Harry made his way to Melbourne to headline Day 1 of our Kick Flips event, and what a way that was to kick off a crazy 2016 for us as a league!