3rd March

Jake Ryan

We are proud to introduce Jake to the VC family!

name- Jake Ryan
from- Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast
your bike setup – We the people clash frame, division bars, shadow stem, proper hubs laced to gsport rims, oddesy forks, demolition cracks, éclat seat and a division sprocket
best achievement in your sport- nothing really yet. Just enjoy riding!
favorite trick – hangfive
what got you into your sport – my mates
worst injury story – was going up for a double peg stall and my peg slipped and I faceplanted and my teeth went all the way through my bottom lip so I pretty much had a hole in my mouth just under my lip… (Yeah , pretty shit trick to stuff up on hahaha)
favorite spot to roll- my local park
what was the last thing you ate- hot chips
what gets you juiced on your ipod – anything that … Read More »

28th January

Carlos Espinosa welcome to the VC family.

We would like to introduce Carlos to the fam !

We meet Carlos in Beijing China when we where doing shows at happy valley theme park.

Carlos is from Chile and is killing the flat land game! peep his interview and edit

to find out all the action and adventures carlos is on check out his web site

and follow him on FB


name- Carlos Espinosa, CarlipeFlat

from- Santiago, Chile

your bike/skate setup –Sinfonia bikes

best achievement in your sport- work like performer in Happy Valley entertainment park in China

favorite trick –  my new ones always are my favorites

what got you into your sport – express your self through you bike it is a very artistic manifestation than I love it.  you cant choice flatland, Flatland choice to you…

worst injury story –I was working on the street in the traffic lights doing a little performance and get money … Read More »

7th February

Vicenzo Luque

We also met Vicenzo from Chilie while we where over in china, This guys also kills the park! he can front flip his bike like a boss! and is always down for a good laugh but his riding def speaks for its self.
so here is his welcome to the family profile.

name- Vicenzo Luque Padilla

from- Santiago, Chile

your bike/skate setup – i’m using a frame WTP Dawn, 21 top tube and chain stay 13,20 so short ahaha for me like this is better ahahah, pair of Profile Hubs mini ss, steam up load and handle bars”9″, tires 2.35 its tall my bike i love it, so comfortable.

best achievement in your sport- i missed a biggest competition for me, was the cx-open :c, then my best achievement was the latest competition in Punta Arenas-Chile that came many good rider from many countries in … Read More »

15th January

Rhys Dennis

Rhys started of on rollerblades but gave them away for the BMX and what a good choice that was! this boy is shredding and getting tech in the streets on his bmx, Always down to ride and also he had the sweetest carrot tattoo you have ever seen!

so here is his welcome to the family profile.


rhys dennis
brisbane Australia

bike setup:

from the top aaron ross space bars sunday top loader wtp forks to an odssey wheel set sunday frame and profile cranks


front cover of bmx life as yet

fav tricks:

whips or bars

What got me in to it :

just a bunch of mates around my birthday chucked a bike together for me with some parts and started crusing the streets :)

my worst injury:

storey would have been my first road trip ever to gladstone and i decided to just casualy 360 a 10 set of … Read More »

8th January


We would like to introduce Victor Torres to the VC family!


We meet Victor while we where in Beijing China doing shows and this guy straight kills the park! Also this guy is the king of  flair’s ! he can throw them down on  everything!  Victor is one of the nicest guys you will meet he is a family man and always fun to be around and after spending 6 months with him in china partying and doing shows infront of 2000 people + everyday this boy can hold his own!!

so here is a little profile of  the man him self.

name- Victor Manuel Torres Lara
from- Santiago, Chile
your bike setup – Sure profile hubs ss casette left side haha, i really like frame 21 top tube and chain stay 13, most short i can get, stem up load and handle bars “9”, … Read More »