Stunt Riding

20th August

El Sammo in Beijing China

It’s crazy how things work out… We met El Sammo back in the day where he did his very first stunt show ever at one of the VC house partys many years ago, since then El Sammo has been doing shows all over the place ! ┬álast week he ended up in Beijing China about 5 min away from happy valley theme park where we are staying. So we had to go out and get some clips and have some wild partys! lol check the edits and pics from El Sammos time in Beijing china on the red bull stunt bike and yz 250 on the streets.. Enjoy…

5th September

Dusty and Sarah Sidecar racing

We caught up with dusty and Sarah sidecar racers from Canberra to check out a day at the track and get some lowdown on the sidecar scene in Australia.

Check the pics and edit.

4th September

EL Sammo’s Red Bull Dragon Run stunt show


Hello everyone! heres a write up from the redbull f1 party myself and mark peshcel rode at in hong kong a while ago.

9th October