4 SQAIR Red Ledge Rivalry pics

Brisbane Rollerbladers  upgraded the Red Ledge!! For one day only it had coping.


The red ledge rivalry was a fundraiser for the QLD titles thats going down at fairfield skate park on the 4th of April

So 4SQUARE and VC chucked in some prizes and despite the rain that morning, it dried up for a killer day :)

Opens – 1st place – Paulie Haack

Under 20’s – 1st place – Tom Dobson

over 30’s – 1st place – Chris Morris

Check out some pics from the day.

red-ledge red-ledge-2 red-ledge-3 red-ledge-4 red-ledge-6 red-ledge-7 red-ledge-8 red-ledge-9

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