5 Minutes with the Fuel Girls

First and foremost, what are the fuel girls all about?

LORA : The fuel girls are a fire breathing rock and roll strip tease stunt show bunch of maniacs! We do three different types of shows we do a stage show, bar show and a arena show! The bar show is wild, we get up on the bar and trash the place it usually ends up in alot of wet nakedness, soda guns and sexual dancing and i’ll bust out my dusk til dawn whisky show for you too! We have been touring this year with our own 40ft stage with ramps and turn tables where we mix our fire show with smoking burn outs from the crazy vehicles we bring on through out the show!


HELEN: Our moto is ‘Its better to be sorry than safe’ and we always live by that law. We do everything from massive stadiums with family audiences to underground hardcore rock events – so anything can happen at our show! When we do stadiums we are 100% professional but at the after show party…. You’d better get ready for some fuckin carnage!

VANESSA: Fuel Girls are a group of fuckin kick ass chicks who get to travel the world with our sexy as hell stage show and our mental arena show, but at the same time we film for our TV shows, which means we get to blow shit up, shoot guns, ride bikes, buggies and drive fast cars! Its pretty much the perfect job and we love it!

What got you into your dangerous ways?

LORA: I have no idea! Ive always been quite girlie, but when Im with my girls I get all hardcore – I did a topless skydive a few weeks ago in France – all the guys had full suits on and I went up there in a little dress and jumped out the plane! I didn’t realize it wa

s going to be fucking freezing cold!

VANESSA: I’ve always been into riding and livin on the edge. I grew up in a bad part of East London and learned to fight hard and play hard – I may look like a pretty girl but Ill rip your fuckin head off if you give me shit! I’m not a girlie girl and I love getting dirty and taking risks – Id be totally bored if I wasn’t a Fuel Girl.

Whats the best thing about being a Fuel Girl?

HELEN: Closing your eyes and imagining yourself in a 9 – 5 job….. then opening them to find that you NEVER need to do that and life is GOOD! The highlight was a month long tour with Masters of Dirt in Austria – there was no-one there to tell us to stop and it was just off the hook! We ended up getting thrown out of our hotel at gunpoint by the police, but it wasn’t the police, it was some dude trying to kidnap us! The whole month was pretty much like that, it had to end or someone would have died of alcohol poisoning!

Most hardcore injury?

LORA: Well up until recently it was mine!! which was a double fracture in my ankle which i did the day before a 4 week tour…. me and Sahar slid down a BMX ramp for a laugh and we literally free fell down this slope and went head first into the sand! But then vanessa had to break the record by setting herself on fire!

HELEN: I set fire to my hair. I wasn’t really injured but half of my fucking hair

came out and I was mentally damaged by the trauma!!

VANESSA: Fuck! Three weeks ago I performed in Denmark and there was some kind of pyrotechnic fluid on the stage that soaked into my legwarmer. I started performing my fire show and the legwarmer caught fire – it was literally blazing! Because I thought Id be able to put it out I carried on with the show and tried to make it part of the act, but by the time I realized it was not gonna go out it was melting into my fuckin leg and I couldn’t get it over my shoe! Everyone just stood around watching will eventually I ran off the stage and into the shower. I had to go to hospital with third degree burns on my leg, bum and ankle. I was on crutches for two weeks and will need to have a skin graft soon. It was a hardcore injury.


When you perform at sports events, how do you hold your own next to the boys?

LORA: When helen was first learning to drift the buggy all the drift drivers we’re too scared to get into the buggy and teach her, they stayed outside and shouted at her what to do! Its funny actually because we were out partying a few weeks ago after the Masters Of Dirt Poland show and the riders were dancing around naked and these massive bouncers came over and started a brawl and naturally we all stepped in and it got a bit out of control. I think that earnt us a lot of credit – either that or the guys just think we are all totally insane now for trying to fight 5 huge Polish security guys!

HELEN: By breathing fire up their arse! Ha ha Wev’e had fights in the dirt, Champaign fights, rolled down the ramps and got the audiences going completely mental – I think the Fuel Girls compliment the sports events so much. It’s refreshing for the guys to have girls they can connect with and have fun with in front of an audience – we couldn’t give a shit if we break a nail of if the guy kicks the dirt up into our face. The more the better!

VANESSA: Well they are all pretty much in awe of our fire show ‘cause we are fuckin good at it – we’ve just been featured on Discovery Channel with our fire breathing, its impressive to see a chick spit 10ft flames from her mouth! And Helen has her own fire spitting, backfiring buggy that she rags around the arena and jumps – the guys really LOVE that and they all secretly want one. . The Fuel Girls and FMX riders together make a fuckin great team – fuck all those blonde chicks dancing around with Pom Pom’s, its time for some proper punk rock chicks at FMX events – the crowds love it, the riders love it and it suits the event so much more than the riders girlfriends up there looking like a bit of eye candy.

Your most mental party trick?

LORA: Everyone is always impressed by the fire breathing! We’ve got it down to a t now! either that or strip poker, we have quite a few party tricks up our sleeve, but i’m not going to tell you them come down and party with us and you’ll find out!

HELEN: All of the above – but naked.

VANESSA: I can get a quad onto two wheels and donut for about 5 minutes straight! I do it in pigtails and the guys go mental – they cant believe it! I’ve got some cool footage up on you tube ha ha

Do you party hard?

LORA: We party very hard especially when we do the FMX shows its the most wild! those riders are just on a new level of lunacy! We are always getting kicked out hotels, clubs, bars, taxis and even our own fucking parties! and we drink everything!  Due to our Playboy Tv show we have got to travel around England a lot more so we’ve got to find some really sweet places to party all over the uk which we will defiantly be heading back to!

HELEN: I party very hard! I drink everything from tequila to JD and like all the other girls, we are on the road so much we usually party in the hotels and backstage after the shows. When we get home we have time to wash our clothes, see our mums then get back on the road again.

VANESSA: I party the HARDEST – although Sahar and Helen would probably argue about that! Because we tour pretty much all the time, you are likely to find me backstage, at an aftershow party or at the poor hotel that lets us stay – you will find me running through the corridors at 5am naked with a bottle of anything I can get my hands on


You’re locked in a room with Paris Hilton for 24 hours. What happens? 

LORA: Ha ha- you know what – we might actually get along. We could make another sex tape, but a lesbian one this time, and I could sell it and made myself millions – then bring the girls to Australia on  a massive roadtrip in one of those mental RVs with all the mod cons…. Oh now Im going back to the secret fantasies ha ha a giant Motorhome

HELEN: Id do a deal with her, Id leave her alone and not do her any physical damage if she agreed to let the Fuel Girls party at her house for one night!! Then wed throw the biggest party the world has seen!

VANESSA: Someone dies.

How do you set yourselves apart from other performers such as suicide girls?

LORA: Isnt there like 10000 of them and they just accept anyone with tattoos. we have a tight core group and there is never more than 10 girls


VANESSA: To be honest I don’t really know much about the Suicide Girls and we are in such different worlds we don’t really come across them a lot – but there’s quite a few copy cat Fuel Girls groups starting up recently and its really funny! They wear the clothes we wear and if we change our style they also change to match – but we are completely unique. The Fuel Girls is genuinely completely reliant on personality and we are not models by trade, we don’t spend out time doing photo-shoots, we are out there performing all the time.

When are you coming to Australia? Where can we see more of the action?

LORA: We are dying to come to Austalia! Alot of our friends ride with Crusty Demons over there and they are always telling us these crazy stories.

HELEN: This has GOT to be the next stop on our agenda…. We really, really want to come cause we know you guys would love the Fuel Girls ;-) we speak to a lot of Australians on our myspace page.

VANESSA: We would DIE to come to Australia! Would absolutely love to come. We know there’s an FMX team called Crusty Demons that tour Australia and our dream would be to tour Australia and New Zealand with them and continue making our TV show – just imagine what we could get up to out there!!!!