Carlos Espinosa welcome to the VC family.

We would like to introduce Carlos to the fam !


We meet Carlos in Beijing China when we where doing shows at happy valley theme park.

Carlos is from Chile and is killing the flat land game! peep his interview and edit

to find out all the action and adventures carlos is on check out his web site

and follow him on FB



name- Carlos Espinosa, CarlipeFlat

from- Santiago, Chile

your bike/skate setup –Sinfonia bikes

best achievement in your sport- work like performer in Happy Valley entertainment park in China

favorite trick –  my new ones always are my favorites

what got you into your sport – express your self through you bike it is a very artistic manifestation than I love it.  you cant choice flatland, Flatland choice to you…

worst injury story –I was working on the street in the traffic lights doing a little performance and get money of that. One time I fell and dislocation my shoulder in front of everybody… a guy who was there help me to put it on. Was so shit..

favorite spot to roll- Los arcos, in La Floria, Santiago, Chile with a nice view of the big montains: Los Andes

what was the last thing you ate- A tomato salad

what gets you juiced on your ipod –Facebook

whats your best pick up line- This trick is for you baby ahaha

best live gig you have seen-

favorite quote/moto- sent it

who are your infuences- Bruce Lee, Buddha, Frank Medrano

when your not rolling what do you get up to-  the satisfaction feeling for ride, spin and create

legalize it yes/ no? yes

got a good joke- china is so clean

T or A? T

if you where given 3 wishes what would they be?

1 That every one do what they wants with out scary

2 that in all the world use only clean energy

3 rompe cholgas team to trip arround the world


shout outs – thanks to VC for the suport, and the good times with the VC family.

Be vegetarian,

It is only the begin

belive in you and SENT IT