Chop at the Title!

Well well well – Let me just start by saying – what an awesome display of choppery! I am truly honored to have witnessed the sheer determination and grit displayed by all our young choppies – well done, give yourselves a pat on the back!!!

Now for those who are still wondering W.T.F – I am talking about the famous “Chop at the Title” Chop eating contes!!! AWWW YEAH!

The anticipation was building as the droves began to arrive from all corners – you could cut the tention with a steak knife. The day was hot, there were plenty of cold bevvies getting around, and the people had come to catch a little glimpse of the action.

Once the 50 chops were ready to be devoured, it was straight down to business. With 10 participants, the event was set to be a biggie, and every entrant had the same idea- to win the trophy and go home the new C.A.T.T Champion, picking us a VC tee and some serious street cred in their stride.

The first round was explosive with 4 of the entrants resembling chopped liver by the end. Round 2 saw fibre, fat and gristle flying, Martivore was in the zone, but bit off more than he could chew when he found himself head to head in the final round against the crowd favourite Ateolf Eatler. Ateolf didnt let fans or spectators down, successfully polishing off his chops quicker than any player, licking his plate clean victoriously, taunting the other competitors who wanted a chop at the title.

Thanks again to all the participants, you may not have won but at least you had a chop! Big congrats to Ateolf Eatler for taking out the title – we will see you on Australia Day when you return to defend your title!