Funkoars – The Hangover

Aussie Hip hop’s finest The Funkoars bring us a third serving of debauchery with their new album The Hangover

Groggily emerging from the comfort of their darkened lounge rooms and reaching for the painkillers, Adelaide’s Funkoars are back once again to drink up every last bottle in the place, pass out and accidentally land on top. The Hangover is the new album crafted by MCs Mr Trials, Sketchy Hons and Uncle Sesta with the devilishly handsome DJ Reflux.
Following the action-packed party jams of 2006’s The Greatest Hits, The Hangover drags us into the painful morning after. The Hangover truly represents this group of four misfits, digging deeper into their psyches to give a headache to any critic trying to pigeon-hole Funkoars as anything but one of the most raucous and honest groups in the country.

Spearheaded by the psych-rock-guitar-sampling single Black Sally, a song about the perils of alcohol abuse, The Hangover is a deeper album than their last, but the beats that break things are back in full effect. Production for The Hangover is provided entirely by Trials and Sesta, with the exception of a last minute intervention in the form of “Do It Together”, courtesy of concerned friend Suffa. From unnerving introspection on the disco-tinged “Malfunction” to a cynical state of the world address on the metallic “Reign of the Masses”, The Hangover finds the Oars heading in new directions topically and sonically.

The Hangover CD is out through
Shogun Distribution on
29th November, 2008.