Jake Ryan


We are proud to introduce Jake to the VC family!


name- Jake Ryan
from- Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast
your bike setup – We the people clash frame, division bars, shadow stem, proper hubs laced to gsport rims, oddesy forks, demolition cracks, éclat seat and a division sprocket
best achievement in your sport- nothing really yet. Just enjoy riding!
favorite trick – hangfive
what got you into your sport – my mates
worst injury story – was going up for a double peg stall and my peg slipped and I faceplanted and my teeth went all the way through my bottom lip so I pretty much had a hole in my mouth just under my lip… (Yeah , pretty shit trick to stuff up on hahaha)
favorite spot to roll- my local park
what was the last thing you ate- hot chips
what gets you juiced on your ipod – anything that sounds good haha
whats your best pick up line- ask my girlfriend haha
best live gig you have seen- my cousins band the hammers!!
favorite quote/moto- Pain goes away but quitting doesn’t.
who are your infuences- every bmx rider
when your not rolling what do you get up to- hanging out with my girlfriend and mates
legalize it yes/ no? Yeah I guess haha
got a good joke- Q- what comes after 69…. A- mouthwash.
if you where given 3 wishes what would they be? 1. Fresh bike 2. unlimited beer 3. Go to Woodward!
shout outs – The boys, and VC of cause