On A Roll videogame coming to PC, PS4, XBOX ONE

We are very excited to be apart of ON A Roll


On a Roll is a next-gen rollerblading videogame where the player’s main activity consists of performing creative tricks on rollerblades

In the game you will be able to choose VC Clothing as a sponsor and be able to wear 3 different Tshirt designs and 2 colour VC Jeans Black and Khaki, also a snap back hat to pimp out your On A Roll avatar. Also keep a look out for 4 billboards through out the game.

On a Roll has mainly been a one-man project up until now. Jelle Van den Audenaeren, creator of the project, has been rollerblading since 1997.

Jelle: Believe it or not, this sport really changed my life for the better! I was quite the nerdy type who would spend his summer days inside and behind the computer tinkering with early 3D software in DOS and learning to code. Then one day my dad came home with 2 pairs of Bauer skates: one for him and one for my mom. Because my mom had about the same shoe size as I did at the time, I was able to try them on… and I sucked! Even though it took me a few weeks before I was able to roll around without falling, and months before I was able to reach the top of our local halfpipe, it felt like I had found the one thing that was missing from my life. I was just free to do whatever I could think of on my skates. It’s this creative part of skating and my rebellious attitude towards team sports which require rules that drew me to this sport and I kept doing it ever since.

Jelle has been working in the 3D animation movie industry for over 10 years and has gathered a solid skill set in a lot of the same software that is being used in the video games industry.

Unlike most people suspect, the entire game in it’s current state has been built by one person. This means: coding, artwork, modeling, characters, mocap processing etc.


Head over to their kickstarter to pre order your copy today and check out all the awesome percks with the pre order right HERE