Online ARO live 2020 presented by SKATER HQ

2020’s Australian rolling open will be held as a live stream event where inline skaters from around the country can submit a 60 second edit from their local / favourite skate parks to be aired live via Youtube.

The live stream will start at 6PM 5 December 2020.

Skaters will have the opportunity to enter the following categories:

• Junior – 17 and under
• Bladies – female skaters
• Ramp – open to any skater to submit an edit on a single miniramp, vert ramp or bowl.
• OG – open to any skater 35 or older
• Open unsponsored
• Open sponsored

Additional prizes will be awarded for:

• Best trick
• Best edit
• Best new comer
• Best comeback

To be eligible to have your submission aired as part of the Online ARO live 2020 you must meet the following criteria:

• You must have sent your submission by no later than 30 November 2020 via the link below
• Pay your entry fee of $20 via the link below
• Your submission must not exceed 60 seconds.
• You must use new / unseen footage. You cannot publish any of your clips prior to the live stream.
• Sponsored skaters are required to compete in the sponsored division.
• You may use music, however if you use a commercially available track you must check it will not be blocked
by Youtube as copyrighted music may result in the live stream being struck down. You can upload the song
to Youtube to check prior to submitting your entry.
• You must adhere to your local COVID lockdown requirements.

Any submission deemed inappropriate may not be aired or disqualified from judging at the Online ARO live 2020 team’s discretion.

The submissions will be judged in real time during the live stream and winners will be announced at the end of the stream. Judging will consist of the following:

Difficulty can be applied to a stunt, line or a single technical trick. Tricks on unique obstacles, technical combinations or a long line of difficult tricks are the key. When comparing difficulty, the volume will be the overall deciding factor.

Style refers to both individual style and overall confidence on rollerblades. The competitor must be recognized as confident and effortless when performing tricks. Confidence and individual style on difficult tricks are an unbeatable combination.

Creativity refers to both obstacle and trick selection. Finding creative lines or hitting an unexpected spot will stand out to the judges. New or creative tricks that stand out from numerous other tricks performed by other competitors are rewarded.

The same way you might plan out a run to impress the judges at a normal contest, the way you set out your edit will judged at the Online ARO live. Try to avoid showing the same trick numerous times and mix up your edit with a combination of lines and big tricks.

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