Quick clips @ Guangzhou skatepark – China video

Last year on our mission to FISE in Chengdu, we stopped in to the newly built Guangzhou skatepark in China.


Now this is the worlds LARGEST skatepark (17,000 sqm) , and is split up into 4 sections.

park6 park5 park4 park1


As it wasn’t officially opened, they had security guards there and all the gates where locked. So we jumped the fence to skate the larger park with all the big bowls.


Soon after the security came running yelling at us in chinese to get out of the park.    So we spent the day jumping the fences and playing cat and mouse with security all day until they let us skate the plaza for a hour.  Check the quick clips below featuring Ollie Czaja, Pascal MR, Alex Lipohar, Gerard Ahrens