Right 2 Roll 6

Another year had gone
by, and the weather was warming up: it could only mean one thing: that it was
that time again to reclaim the streets of Brisbane city. The weather was overcast but the skaters turned out in the numbers. “its
good to see that rollerblading is far from gone”

141.JPGThe competitors knew
the conditions, and they knew the prize: To claim the Right 2 Roll you need to
destroy every single spot throughout the day: and walk home with $1400 cash.

We kicked of to the
first spot around 10:30 am: a
n up ledge to get the skaters warmed up. A lot of
dope tricks we
nt down. Hayden Watt, 2007 Right2Roll champion landed wrong on
his bruised heel, taking his chance of reclaiming the title this year. Rhys Bell,
another promising contender, smashed hi
s knee into one of the supports. Simon
Kelly got a nice
back torque, Aaron C nailed a back shifty to 630 out. Chris P
with a half cab soul 360 rewind out, Kieran D sav to 450 out, Rian A with a
solid fish brain 180 out.

The humidity was
unbearable and the sweat was pouring. After 40 min or so we headed to the next
spot at the school – a square drop rail. A long drawn out argument about our
trespassing bought us 20 minutes, and the pressure was on. What led was the
most intense session in Right 2 Roll history. This is where Kiza claimed best
trick with a huge wall ride to 180 out. Mad dog threw down a nugen and Thomas C
tried a bio over the rail to the drop but got owned. Josh nailed a switch kind
grind, Rhys B back torqued, and Chris got a disaster over the rail to top soul.


So once we left it was off to a white flat rail for a unofficial spot.

Adam laced a sav to top
soul, Mas top soul slid through to soyal, Rian sweatstance to sav 360 out. And
many more tricks went down.


Then we headed to the
drop kink on the water. This was a really cool session with Chris Pullar
sticking a nice 540 over the gap, Kieran D followed with a 180, Liam got a true
mizou down that bad boy, Maz top soul. Rian half cab top soul


After the drop kink was
destroyed we headed to the green flat rails at the casino. Nicko got a whole
heap of different switch ups down it. Also this is where Pauly H got best trick
for a shifty to nugen to allyoop soul. Liam and Chris also nailed a whole heap
of switch ups down it.

Then we were off to the
final spot, Botanics, Brisbane’s
most infamous rail. The crowd was getting psyched and the storm clouds were
moving in fast. Everybody killed this rail. Rian Arnold did some of the most
amazing tricks down the rail. Half cab negative acid, 450 shift, 450 sav, 540
alleyop mizou. Kizza got a true porn, torque to acid, Simon macchioed the flat
to kind grind down the rail. Chris P true macchio. Josh nailed a true topsoul
and true top porn.

The boy where literally
brewing up a storm, tricks where getting laced, the wind was picking up leaves
and they were flying through the air like confetti. The rain hit suddenly,
everyone was drenched instantly, and the comp had to come to a close.

We headed
back to Skatebiz to give out the prizes and award this year’s winner with the
Right 2 Roll.

Placing –

Best tricks

Kieran Dean for an
amazing wall ride at St Laurence’s School.

Pauly H for the switch
up at the green rails.

4th – Josh

3rd – Liam

2nd – Kieran

1st – Chris

Big ups to all the
sponsors this year Skate Biz, Bayside Blades, Skater HQ, Red Distribution,
Razors, Red bearings, 4 x 4, Vibralux Denim. And of course to Mad Dog for
matching the cash VC threw in. Which made this years R2R the largest cash prize
($1400 ) in Australian rollerblading history!

So stay tuned for the
edit of the comp coming your way real soon, and the Right 2 Roll DVD out next



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