Right 2 Roll 9 write up

We started of a Paddo skate park to warm up then it was of to the first spot. A balance rail to start things of.
And what would a VC comp be without the VC van to battle it out on for the 2nd spot..
The 3rd spot was a square drop rail with a slight uphill landing which got the better of Paulie who attempted a 900 over the gap.
The session was heating up with the 3rd spot destroyed, we headed up the hill to another  square flat rail to gap that was already worse for wear. Making use of a rachet strap and gaf tape the spot was ready to shred.
Hammers continued dropping at this spot regardless of a brief visit from the cops who seemed impressed with our efforts. So with the Milton spots done it was time to make way for the city. everyone earnt a little break so we stoped to session a up ledge by the river.
Onwards the 8 wheeled possie rolled, destination…Casino flat rails. The botanic show down finals was only one spot away so contestants enjoyed the chilled session on this rail.
As tradition follows it was time for the battle to begin on the famous Brisbane rail Botanics.
To many tricks went down at this spot so you will just have to wait for the edit to drop soon.
Over all results for RIGHT 2 ROLL 9…..
1st – Josh Nielson
2nd- Nicko Western
3rd – Chris Pullar
4th – Shane Onus
5th- Tie- Gav Drumm, Tom coley-sowry.
Best trick went to Shane Onus for the stall to top acid on the 3rd spot.
Big shout out to all the skaters and Sponsors that made this event happen. Bassology Villans for putting $500 cash up, Skate biz for a pair of skates for best trick. Razors, Jug, Ground Control, Bayside Blades, Skater HQ. Also shout out to Garth for towing the VC van to the comp much love. all the judges- James, Sk, Barrett, Gerard. Jess for letting us know what spot we where at and when it was time to head onto the next spot. So keep supporting VC clothing and we can keep these fresh comps coming your way.
Check some more pics from the day from Jake.