VC Dice


Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls….. We are proud to announce the VC dice game!!

VC game of Three also knows as ( Threes away ) is the best dice game around and fun for the whole family.

Get your mates over and battle it out for the pot.

Game includes-

  • Tin container
  • Five dice
  • Game instructions

The dice case fits perfectly in your pocket so you can play it in the back alleys of clubs or at your mates house. Just make sure you roll the lowest score and the pot is yours for the taking.

The aim of the game is to roll the lowest score where the VC logo represents zero.

The rules are as follows:

Instructions for the game of Threes

Threes is a dice game played with five dice and with two or more people.
The object of the game is to roll the lowest number.
VC logo replaces the three but equals zero.

Game Play:

– Everyone gets one die to roll to see who starts. The player with the lowest number starts the game.
Remember the three ( VC LOGO ) is equal to zero.
– This person decides the ante for the pot. Each player matches the ante then it’s game on.
– Player one begins with the first roll rolling all five dice.
– The player sets aside the lowest die or dice, but the player must leave at least one die per roll.
Remember the three ( VC LOGO ) is equal to zero.
– Player rolls until all dice are set aside.
– Players score is determined by adding up all the dice. Which is now the score to beat.
– Player to the left rolls next.
– If a player rolls and a die falls off the table this forfeits your go.
– If a player places the dice onto the table instead of rolling from at least the height of the dice container this is called “A Sorenson roll” and you forfeit your turn, while all other players can boo you.
– If a die or dice come out of your hand while you’re attempting to roll then this counts as the start of your roll,
and you should immediately roll the rest of your dice.
– When all players have rolled, the player with the lowest score wins the pot.

If a player rolls all threes that score is zero.
So if you roll all threes on your first roll you have dice rolling skills only matched to god’s!

If a game ends in a tie:
The players who tie battle it out again for the pot.

The winner of the game decides the ante for the next round.

But beware of the curse of the double threes on your first roll. Because this has been known as bad luck for your following rolls.
The key is to remain calm and collected until the cold hard ante is in your pocket!

Establish the rules up front:
Is this going to be a tournament where all players start off with the same amount of ante and winner takes all?
Or a buy in where players can join at anytime by adding ante into the pot, so you can come and go as you please?

Happy rolling!