Since ’98


For those of you who are new to VC, heres a little bit about our background.

VC was a family before it was a label. In the mid nineties, a motley crew of inner city kids would return to their rundown hangout and reflect on the days mischeif on an old velvet couch.

Several years later, at 18 years old, VC founder G.Ahrens began printing a small line of t-shirts from his tiny basement studio in Albion. The movement had grown over the years and a mass of VC clad crew became a common fixture in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley nightclub district. Partying at the Source and Belushi’s nightclub, the VC crew became involved in Brisbane’s thriving underground live music scene. It was there that VC joined forces with Babbleon Productions, and sponsored their first live hip hop gig. VC sponsored over 20 Babbleon events over the following years, with a considerable number of the VC crew in attendance.

As VC Clothing increased in exposure and popularity, the Velvet Couch family upped its support for underground culture, and went on to host the annual Bloodbath metal night, with Melbourne band Bloodduster headlining sold out shows at the Basement nightclub. The sucess of this project also spawned the alternative ‘freak show’ events Sacralicious and Monarchy Massacre, showcasing suspension and other sideshow oddities.

In 2004 VC held the first annual Right 2 Roll Real Street Comp, putting up a $700 cash prize for Australia’s best street rollerblader. In a period where funding and interest in aggressive rollerlbading was decreasing dramatically, the competition provided much-needed support and attention to the scene. The competition has been held in Brisbane city every year since, and has become recognised as an influential part of Australian Rollerblading history.

Through the support of these various subcultures, VC discovered a wide range of talented young artists, musicians and extreme sportsmen, struggling to pay the rent with their passions. It was decided that VC Clothing would represent these individuals, as they would us. Rather than focusing on recycling imagery and marketing, VC strives to acheive an undeniably unique aesthetic, showcasing the work of local artists, being worn by local personalities.

Late 2007 saw the formation of the official VC Kings of the Underground Team. Combining stunt motobike riders, a drift team, notorious graffiti burners, killer MC’s and the best of Australian rollerblading, the team personifies everything we stand for: living life your own way.

Our team supports VC Clothing through their passion and perseverance, they demand respect through their sheer talent. We support our team by bringing that talent to you. Our artists recieve commision for every VC t-shirt sold on, and a substantial percentage of our profit becomes funding for events showcasing the subcultures we represent.

In a material world where everything is for sale, we promise to continue to represent real people, to insist on quality over quantity, and to support our customers as they support us. As the sucess of increases, we will be bringing you more videos, photos, stories, competitions, giveaways, events, merch, and much more. Keep checking back, you will not be disappointed.