The Allegiance – The New Breed of Brissy Hip Hop

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Anybody who knows their Aussie Hip Hop knows that the quality and

quantity of decent artists has exploded in the past few years, bringing

an array of new sounds from around the country. There is a new

generation of crews unfolding, and in Brissy you can catch a decent

hip hop show every weekend. One of the most memorable is

the Allegiance, with MC’s Coops and Biotic, whose messages range

from the deeply spiritual to the revolutionary, with some banging

party jams thrown in for good measure.


We caught up with the Allegiance to find out where they’ve come from,

and where they’re headed.







BIOTIC: I grew up listening to live bands like R.H.C.P, R.A.T.M,

S.O.A.D, Pantera, Nirvana etc and I think I was due for a timely change,

it seemed like almost overnight I started seeking out more rap.

I started with US, now I mostly listen to oz. hip hop.




COOPS: Before I first picked up a mic I was always into writing

whether it be short stories or poems. It was a good way to

get shit off my chest at a time when I hadn’t yet progressed it into

rhyming and lyricism. Eventually it evolved with a tempo,

a beat or a melody in my mind to coincide with it, so I hit up an

open mic competition in 2004, which I won and I got to record my first track.



BIOTIC: My mate Doobs actually

knew Coops from a young age

but I was at Manfreds (PNB) and

Coops noticed my girlfriend at the

time and re-introduced himself. I

put 2 and 2 together from what Doobs had told me, I put 2 and 2

together and introduced myself. COOPS: I’m sure it was at one of

the wednesday night hip hop shows in the valley around 05-06.

We met through a mutual friend Doobs who’s father played senior

football with my dad in the early 80’s so I’d known Doobs for years.

We organised to do a colab track, 1 track turned into 2 and it

snowballed from there. So anytime one of us were doing a set the other would be involved in a couple of tracks. As we began recording

more tracks it made sense to work together seeing as we were pushing forward at a similar pace as solo artists.


BIOTIC: Informer (By Snow), Regulators

(Nate Dogg and Warren G) Dangerous Minds (the movie)

Necro, Immortal Technique, music in general, life in general,

all the good, bad, easy, difficult situations ive been in with family

and friends, weed, nature, all the little things I find


COOPS: 2pac, Bob Dylan and Bill Hicks would be top 3

off the top of my head. I’m influenced positively and negatively

by everything i hear and see around me. 9/11 has been a

major influence on me. That single event got me asking alot

of questions.


BIOTIC: At first I found it fun and easy to be able to pick up a

pen and any old scrap of paper and write a rhyme for free,

anytime, anywhere. These days I still just want to have

fun with it, but things are definitely more serious with gigs etc.

My goal is to stay motivated and pump as much quality

music as possible.

COOPS: In the year or so before i first got on a stage i was

becoming really fed up with  bullshit I’d hear on the radio

and see on tv. The same playlists and over-exposure of certain

artists on commercial radio gave me the shits, so instead of just

being pissed off about it I thought I’d put my 2 cents in and

try to put a voice out there for people that believe in what I

believe in, which could range from anything from day to day life

to politics, the industry to, whatever. The same goes for today.


BIOTIC: Fresh Till Def and Nurcha, but I love and remember

all the open mics. The first Source club on Ann St was

my first taste of live rappin on the open mic in 03 – And winning

the Babbleon battles on Australia Day.

COOPS:: Fresh Till Def. The whole night had a great vibe and

there was heaps of VC heads in attendance.



BIOTIC: Uber gig was sick, and Fresh Till Def but the Qld

Rollerblading Titles at Morayfield was fuckin inreal when

El Sammo and Milne ripped it up doing stunts on their

motos during out set – Cheers boys, mad shit!
COOPS: Doing a set to open up for Muph N Plutonic at the

Gold Coast was pretty mad. But pretty much every time

we get up on stage and perform in front of people ready

to have a good time, that’s a highlight for me.


BIOTIC: Long/Wrong Islands and Absinthe cocktails if I can

afford them, but usually I drink beer or bourbon.

COOPS: Beer or a Bundy and Coke


BIOTIC: Ahh that’s a hard one! I think I’ll have to go

with the old cheesecake/strawberry combo with flake

and choc sauce and real strawberries mixed in bitches – yeahh!!

COOPS: Peppermint choc chip.


BIOTIC: Keep working on tracks, pick up the pace and quality

in production and live shows – we are working on an album

but priorities are really to knuckle down and try as hard as

hell to keep it creative & original.

COOPS: We plan to have an LP ready sometime in 2009, there’s

also talk of a mixtape. Plenty more gigs and hopefully get to tour

and play outside South East Queensland.


BIOTIC: Velvet fuckin couch mother fucker – all the lads that

have been holding the North side down with me getting all

fucked up and shit for fuckin ages! I love each and every

one of you! (you know who you are!) Briz, Oz, Hip Hoppers

that continue to raise the bar and force me to work even harder.

My family and last but not least – all the ladies that I have

had the change to get freaky with – you know who you are,

but I cant remember you all! Haha jokes, I remember…. PEACE

COOPS: The VC massive and anyone and everyone

thats supported us in what we do. The beatmakers, producers,

promoters, friends, and family.