VC Best Trick Comp edit from the QLD Titles.


The QLD Rollerblading Titles was on the 4th of April at fairfield skate park in brisbane Austraila hosted by 4 sqair, and VC Clothing hosted the best trick comp at it, with the prize as a choice the MONEY or the BOX!

Shout out to Tommy Scofield for taking out the best trick with a/o soul to 720 out.

check the edit and a couple of pics from the day


qld-6 qld-4 qld-8 ROB qld-3 qld tom

_HRG4226 _HRG4232 _HRG4248 _HRG3863 _HRG3917 _HRG3923 _HRG3938 _HRG3939 _HRG4122 _HRG4224