& Christmas PARTY

Christmas party

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Velvet Couch Clothing & Ozhiphopshop would like to welcome you all to please join our celebrations at our end of year Christmas party.

Business this year at Velvet Couch Clothing has been growing stronger than ever, new friends and new trends has been the name of the game. 2016 has given everyone plenty to celebrate. Our new range of VC shirt designs has been at the top of the pile, as well VC socks have been pulled up and put in stock recently. The collection grows thicker, strapping more VC threads over skin than ever. Also cheers to Paulie Haack’s world class feat at pulling off the world first 360 back-flip down a stair gap. A top notch effort worth a top shelf Scotch. Enough reason to celebrate!

Promotions, tours and supporting the culture of real hip-hop homemade has long been the staple for Ozhiphopshop, as has delivering world class entertainment to the home front. This year alone, OHHS is proud to have been in partnerships with several large scale international tours, as well as promotions on the local front that you already know about including the Don’t Flop Oz Rap Battles. For OHHS, 2016 also brought about new friendships from far and wide, spreading the love to all foreign fields. OHHS is proud to have connected with the many international hip-hop stores from as far as Japan, United Kingdom and the U.S.A. As well on the domestic scene, OHHS has continued to forge new ground making talented acts from around the country feel at home, striking a deal with the new and existing independent label movements. As well, OHHS is proud to provide further outlets for many youth workshop and festival organisers. Always with the support for real hip-hop in mind, Ozhiphopshop keeps on keepin’ on. The real heads know where it’s at.

There is plenty to put your drinks up to in celebration, especially for all the hard work, sweat and honest toil put in by everybody involved. This is our chance to say thanks to you, your family, your loved ones for all your support thrown in our direction. VC and OHHS appreciate your help and every little bit of every little lift you have given our movement and the culture from which we thrive. Let us thank you! Word!

Great food and entertainment will be enjoyed throughout the event. This is an all-ages party with free entry, everyone is welcome. There will be live DJs and MCs on and off throughout the night. The premiere of Velvet couch team edit along with some brand new designs. The first 25 people will receive a free drink along with food and drink specials all afternoon and night. Sangrias, margherita jugs will be poppin’, also there will be prizes and great giveaways through the event along with pop-up stalls and Christmas specials.

Velvet Couch and Ozhiphopshop would love to see everyone, both old faces and new. So please mark your calendar, write in in your diary, set your alarm clock!

Make sure you do not miss this end-of-year throw down for a long night of family fun.