We would like to introduce Victor Torres to the VC family!

Victor torres



We meet Victor while we where in Beijing China doing shows and this guy straight kills the park! Also this guy is the king of  flair’s ! he can throw them down on  everything!  Victor is one of the nicest guys you will meet he is a family man and always fun to be around and after spending 6 months with him in china partying and doing shows infront of 2000 people + everyday this boy can hold his own!!

so here is a little profile of  the man him self.

name- Victor Manuel Torres Lara
from- Santiago, Chile
your bike setup – Sure profile hubs ss casette left side haha, i really like frame 21 top tube and chain stay 13, most short i can get, stem up load and handle bars “9”, tire 2.10 and my brake,
best achievement in your sport- i think it was last year at cx games open i got 9 place
favorite trick – i got 2 favorite trick Backflip tailwhip and flair
what got you into your sport – at the moment, i got pay doing shows on china
worst injury story – i did it 360 in a thin box and i landed on my face cause i spin for the side i woke up on the hospital, i brok my face, nose and my family told me they make me resuscitations, i think that was my worst injury
favorite spot to roll – ramp atack !! hahah and woodward beijing
what was the last thing you ate – fried patatos whit chicken!
what gets you juiced on your ipod – field drunners 2 !
whats your best pick up line – profile picture of vc clothing page ! yeeee
best live gig you have seen- i did show on lolapalooza 2011, was deftones, and cypress hill !!! fuck yeah !
who are your infuences- i think i best influence or motivation is what far i can go ! at the end of the way i have to know, i could do.

got a good joke- last one was on the school i light a big firecracker in the clasroom, was a big bang ! and all people on the school run away hahaha everyone get out to the class room haha was so fun, but after i was so close to left to the school hahahahaahha

shout outs – 1 well-being for my family , 2 be youg all my life so i can ride all my life, 3 have a fucking good indoor skatepark on my backyard

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