Back from the Dead tour write up and pics

We spent 3 days in Melbourne which included the Vic Titles ( check it ), Bayside Blades instore and a lot of dope rollin and night life action including oil wrestling.


So on the last day in Melbourne we were loading the vans getting ready to embark to Albury when SK dropped his bottle of JD and a shard of glass went flying out and caught Rhys on his ankle – so it was the first hospital mission of the tour. Kizza also had a hematoma on his ass and it looked like a 3rd but cheek. So while they went to the hospital we found this wall rail at a school which was just near the back packers so Lachy and Chris hit it up with a couple of tricks then we hit the pub to wait for the boys to return. Rhys ended up with 3 stitches and a bad way to start a tour. But Rhys came back from the dead at the end and won the Right 2 Roll comp in Brisbane still with the stitches in his ankle. It was amazing. Oh and Kizza got a cup of concrete for his 3rd but cheek.




We rocked up to Golbourn skate park where the sprouters run free according to all the graff at the park. After a few hours of relentless shredding from everyone on tour we got word of an old abandoned orphanage on top of a hill. What a perfect location for a photo shoot for BACK FROM THE DEAD.

So we finally found this run down old building and we all jumped out of our vehicles and over the fence and started exploring the place with haste. It was very dark inside and it looked like a few building trashing parties had gone down here over the years. We were in there for about 10 min before we heard this guy yelling at us to get out. We all bailed out to be confronted with this drunken guy yelling at us to get out of the property at the fence. This guy was straight up blue flanno with stubbies – you know the stereotype.

Anyway, he repeatedly argued the fact that we can’t go in there with out permission even while we were trying to negotiate how we could get permission – it was a confusing war we got our self into. Long story short the cops came and the dismissed the claims from the drunk that we were drink driving and vandalising the building so they gave us 10 minutes to set up and take some pics as they left.



Is a small town just near Port Macquarie with not much other than one set of traffic lights, an old faithful pub and a servo. We came across a school there a couple of years back on the off the gauge tour that we knew would be perfect to session. This school is like out of a computer game. It has the best ledges down stairs in a run, some nice rails as well as some huge hammer ledges.

We got there just on dusk so we straight up hit the first ledge at the front of the school and we got the session going till it was to dark to skate anymore. Then Lachy was warming up to throw down on the double set hammer ledges when he slammed and broke his hand. Even after Lachy’s slam, Shane, Kizza and Chris got the party started on the 10 flat 10 drop ledge which was lit up enough to session. Kizza jumped right in with an attempted back noogs but stuck up so he loaded it with wax. Then Shane wanted in with a back shifty but slid out right at the end with a hard slam. Kizza summoned the power of greyskull and laced a back noogan on this killa ledge that was now sliding really well.


Just when we thought the ledge was in ruins, Chris stepped up with a top acid that was soooo siiick.

We started seeing the lights of a torch from the local seccer who turned out to be a Daryl Summers look alike and Chris stomped a perfect top acid right in front of the seccer as he started to work out what was going on. His conclusion was that we were part of a triathlon team so we said far Kew and bailed out of there


With 20 rollers and only 2 broken hands ( Hayden Golder, Lachlan Burke ), 3 stitches, 1 hematoma, 3 hospital visits, 3244 km traveled, 3 states, 2 skate comps ( Vic titles and Right 2 Roll ), 3 skate shop instores, 10 cartons of red bull and running on around 2 -3 hours sleep a night, everyone had time of there lives skull dragging rollerblading back from the DEAD.

Shout out to the sponsors that made this possible.

Skate Biz
Bayside Blades
Skater HQ
Ground Control
Red Bull
VC Clothing

And Paulbry for helping make this all happen.

Its tours like this that keep the vibe going and the scene alive and every one is juiced as for next years to which will be bigger and better! Stay tuned for the DVD coming out 2011.

Thanks for reading my ramblings peep the pics…


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