Carl Tangen welcome to the VC family


We are proud to introduce Carl to the VC family!




name- Carl Tangen

AKA – Meat

crew – ATUA

from – masterton nz, resides – wellington nz
skate setup -xsjado 2.0 ground control featherlite 2 and what ever wheels i can get
best achievement in your sport- first ATUA CREW inductee getting on VC, all the hate citys but mostly winning best trick Hate City 2013
Favorite trick – royale lol
hardest fight – either Mario Williams or Brook Haami the second time
what got you into your sport/s – Rolling, Mighty Ducks movies but it dont snow where i live so i stared grinding
fighting, kung fu movies an a mate introduced me to Muay Thai

worst injury story – Smashing all my front out off a bridge (ask me) or breaking my elbow missing a neg makio
favorite spot to roll – Tauranga High School Rails
what was the last thing you ate – Icing from birthday cake
what gets you juiced on your ipod – My ipod fell off the car a few days ago :( but i guess Aesop Rock an Buddy Guy
whats your best pick up line – Best one i used was “i wanna see your sex face” but now i have a Beautiful Girl so no more of that :D
how many times hve your glasses been broken – to many times
Funniest time they Broke – Hate City After party the homie Albie double slapped me in the face
best live gig you have seen – Shapeshifter at X Air Wellington
favorite quote/moto – Great Spirits have always meet violent opposition from mediocre minds – Albert Einstein
who are your infuences – (Rolling) Chris Farmer, the Kelsos, Keri Rimene, Gibson Noema. (Fighting) Superbank, Sakchaichote, Yodsanklai Fairtex, Gordan Pie
when your not rolling what do you get up to – Training, chilling with the homies an my girl
legalize it yes/ no? – EEEEEEEEEh :D
If some one is going to buy you a drink youll have ? – Whiskey an Dry
got a good joke – nah
T or A? – V
if you where given 3 wishes what would they be? – a money tree, WOrld Peace and i dont know man…..Fuck
if you had to address the whole world what would you say – id be late, nervous, drunk an incoherant
shout outs – Atua Crew, DEX, Combat Room Muay Thai, Mum, Velvet Couch, my Family, Harleys Kickboxing, ACC, WINZ (centerlink), my Girl Sarah, Patrick Yee,
The Evans Brothers, Scott Brindle, Fill The Bullet, Kavman an anyone else who inspired or helped me out so far.