Chop At The Title 3 Review and pics



Storie by Biotic pics by Conan

Fair Dinkum – From Mutten chops on a face to chop stix on a plate, this was a chop eating contest with everything.

The Jubilee Hotel was the perfect setting for the 3rd action packed CHOP AT THE TITLE, strooth, it’s Australia Day weekend and what better way to celebrate then with 10 very hungry punters munching down 50 BBQ lamb chops straight from the hoy plate for our entertainment.

There were a few new faces in the line-up chopped up with some vets in the sport, including the running champ, Ateolf Eatler. With the largest crowd of spectators we’ve seen to date, you’d have to be a gala to miss the mighty chomp sesh!! Even an unexpected channel 7 camera man decided to pay us a visit

Round 1…
Saw a larger amount of bone, gristle and fat flying than ever before witnessed, this was anyone’s title early on. The slightly larger lamb chops than usual really sorted the boys from the men ( or girls from women in Amber and Loz’s case ).

Round 2…
With 5 remaining, tensions and tendons were rising only 2 contenders able to make it through to the final chop off. So we saw faces turning red as they all tried desperately to show the crowd that they came to have a chop..

Round 3…
After a few near spew’s we saw a new contender “ Sir Loin “ head to head, chop for chop and pound for pound in the chop off against the almighty reigning champ A.E. 5 chops to stomach after 5 already down the gullet is a mean feat in any chop connoisseurs books. Some buckle and fold under the immense pressure while others focus and rise to the occasion.

This was a text book example, although Sir Loin put up an extreme challenge, he had to be disqualified right at the post for chundering up a substantial amount of chop slop and proceeding to try and restomach it. Well done Sir Loin you’re a true Australian, Giddi up!!

But the real praise goes to the man himself A.E. once again taking out the trophy in true form, being carried of like a modern day hero holding the trophy high above his proud , grease covered mug. Congratts bro! Always bringing it to the table.




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