Dusty and Sarah Sidecar racing

How long have you been riding for?

Dusty: Started 1976-1987, 1990’s i made a come back several times, latest 2007-2011
Sarah: Just over 2 Years
What is the bike set up?
Dusty: Yamaha R1, custom built 3 wheel chassis
What got you into racing sidecarts?
Dusty: A bike shop mechanic Don Blair asked me to passenger
Sarah: Looked like fun & was something i was keen to check out, so i did and here i am
Is there a big difference in racing sidecarts that normal dirtbike?
Dusty: yeah the main difference is they slide flat instead of leaning into a corner and you must have a passenger for it to steer
Sarah: As a swinger yeah, for obvious reasons
Tell us your best – crash story
Dusty: Last November hit a wall and broke my wrist
Sarah: I haven’t had any major accidents, but tore my bicep on a club day                                               early 2010 which put me out of action for a couple of months.
– Best race
Dusty: Too many to mention, i love every start!!
Sarah: Yeah too many to chose from but a memorable one was winning the                                           repercharge at King of Nepean in 2010. Felt amazing being out in                                             front,  6 laps nearly   killed me though haha
How do you get amped befor a race?
Dusty: Pump music loud in the car, redbull, jump up and down
Sarah: Pump Hed Pe and smash red bulls! and bacon and eggs!!
How do you normally unwind/celebrate after a race?
Dusty: Talk it out, smoke some, chill
Sarah: few beers with the crew, reminise about the days events, polish my trophy’ss haha
What do you see in the future for sidecar racing?
Dusty: Yes i believe there is a strong future for dirt track sidecar racing.  Younger generations of riders are coming through
Sarah: Hopefully the scene will continue to grow.  Would be nice to one day see the sport become professional and get paid to race.
How successful has your racing career been?
Dusty: Reached bronze medal at the 2009 AUssie titles
Sarah: pretty successful id say, bronze medal at Aussies titles was pretty sweet, no major accidents, and id like to think ive made an impact in the sidecar scene.
Have you reached your goals that you wanted to achieve in sidecart racing?
Dusty: No, still trying, it has been a blast!!
Sarah: staying alive was my main goal haha
Is your main aim fun or a more competitive?
Dusty: Always fun but still competitive
Sarah: fun, but i have to admit i hate losing
Is there much training and practice involved to remain competitive?
Dusty: yes need as much practice as possible
Sarah: defs gotta practice as much as possible to be on top of the game
Whats your favourite drink to get loose?
Dusty: Coffee, coke zero, redbull.  No alcohol since 1987
Sarah: Dusty’s loose all the time, no alcohol needed!  I usually start my night off with beer followed by vodka redbulls and Tequila shots
what music do you pump to get ready for a race?
Sarah: Hed Pe, anything brutal
Shout outs.
Dusty: Peter Campbell – frame builder, Don Blair – for getting me started, and Sarah for being the best passenger ever!
Sarah : Dusty, Charlie & Tom White, PC and the whole sidecar family, ive had a blast!!
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