Hey everyone! well ive been in zhuhai, china for 3 weeks now ands its been a fuckin crazy time! were gettin the language down a bit now and its helpin out so much opens up a lot more new experiences for us. Myself and Dstunts (Dave Mckenna) came over to ride shows for BG performance for 6 weeks, theres only 2 or 3 shows booked in for the time weve done the first one already so we have heaps of time to chill out and check out some scenery!

Crowds here are the craziest ive ever experienced total pyschos they fuckin love it! a longneck of beer is $1 australian and you can buy them at every corner store so weve been drinking a lot and crusin around on the scooters, no rego or helmet needed its so cruisy here haha a lot different to what i expected, people are friendly and very relaxed, a lot of people sleep in there shops in the afternoons

where we live is a smallish seaside town, all the major cities are off the hook but where we are is more of a fishing, holiday town its about a 30min taxi ride to go out in the city, a nite out is sort of like goin out in the valley but theres heaps of portable street bars you can drink at about every 20m along the street, makes it hard to get anywhere coz its so easy to buy piss and get wasted before you even make it to a club haha

the only westeners people have seen before here are fat old american guys lookin for hookers, as soon as you say youre from australia people freak out there keen as for it haha also no ones seen facial peircings before that spins them out, and if i put my mohawk up (its about 9in now) girls will trip out and wana get photos and shit with ya haha makes goin out a crazy nite for sure

the track we ride at has heaps of ferraris and lambos and shit all driven (badly) by rich business dudes, then take a 5 min scooter ride and people are living in crappy tin huts, its crazy but most seem happy and the kids are really fascinated by us haha animal rights crew would OD here though people have pet monkeys tied up on the street the monkeys look pretty fuckin pissed off!

il try and get some more pics of some random shit, should be back in bris in about 4 weeks lets get fucked up! peace out


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