FUN NOT FAME available now

So to celebrate the release of the 7 new designs for the Fun Not Fame range, we got our old van and welded a rail to the top of it and got everyone in our crew together to have some fun and throw down on the van.
Artists involved in the new range are

Chom Chumkasian, Micky Hora, Dvate and Lingo, Big Mach, Tom Thumb, Sofles, Mystik

Make sure you check out the new designs on the shop page!

Check the edit out

here are some of the pics from the shoot by Conan Whitehouse


Shout out to everyone involved, Alex – Bboy, Mystik, Missy, Trent – motor bike, BMX – Josh, Rhys. Rollers – Kizza, Gerard, Levi, James, Phil. Photos by Conan Whitehouse and sound track by Tommy ill. Mitch Macrae on the editing tip. Brigsy for the additional footage.

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