“Fun not fame” mixtape vol II available now….


We are proud to announce the “Fun not Fame” Mixtape vol II is now available for free download right now!!

Thats right MAH FKA’S !!!!! ¬†FREE download turn this album up while you blaze one up!

Brisbane represent!! But can’t forget the kingpin of Tassy too, Dunn D!! Also the one and only Diabolic(USA)!! featuring on this release

This release features artists such as – Tommy Illfigga, Rainman, Yuin Huz, Kel Timmons, Kryptamistik, Dwizofoz, Diabolic, Schoolfight, Dunn D, Triple 3, Brothers bond, Exit strategy, Rezadent, Fundamental Elements, Biotic, Coops, Pj, Def Men Walking, Kawstik, Fluence, Nuggy Gee, Sneaky T, Ajent.



Download – Fun Not Fame Mix Tape VOL #2

19 Tracks + Mix Tape Prints