Rhys Dennis


Rhys started of on rollerblades but gave them away for the BMX and what a good choice that was! this boy is shredding and getting tech in the streets on his bmx, Always down to ride and also he had the sweetest carrot tattoo you have ever seen!

so here is his welcome to the family profile.



rhys dennis
brisbane Australia

bike setup:

from the top aaron ross space bars sunday top loader wtp forks to an odssey wheel set sunday frame and profile cranks


front cover of bmx life as yet

fav tricks:

whips or bars

What got me in to it :

just a bunch of mates around my birthday chucked a bike together for me with some parts and started crusing the streets :)

my worst injury:

storey would have been my first road trip ever to gladstone and i decided to just casualy 360 a 10 set of stairs (note id never even tried this before or at least nothing bigger than 3 stairs) and blew out my knee the 6 day of like a 10 day trip :( but i eventually worked it out a day later or so but its been a pain ever since :P

favourite spot:

i dont have one in particular but any nice ledge would be more than ideal

last thing i ate :

was cookies and cream icecream with nerds and mash mellows

best live gig you have seen :

triple js one night stand in dolby cause shit got rained out and messy soo much fun


shawn shitty mac, tammy, garret and aaron ross

when im not riding:


3 wishes

riding in the states not working again ever and not being able to get injured

Shout outs:

big shout outs to the vc family my rents both chris and josh mannion, jayme timms, and gerard ahrens with out all of the above i wouldn’t be where i am now