Khalil Stenning

khalil stenning

We meet Khalil back when he was only knee high to a grass hopper and not much has changed :) Pushing him self in rolling and life is what khalil is all about. Top bloke and the bon jordan ( his alter ego ) is awesome to get on the piss with.

So here is his welcome to the family profile.

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Khalil Stenning

Brisbane , Australia

Skate setup:
Razors dre powell 2’s, ground control featherlite frames , Vc wheels, anti-rocker setup.

Best achievement in your sport?
Still standing.

Favorite trick?
Fakie 720

What got you into the sport?  
An old friend of mine introduced me to the sport, i saw him one day carving up at a local park and couldn’t believe how much flow and style he had in his skating, and how easy he made it look. i had seen some rollerbladers but none that made it look so good and i couldn’t resist having a go.

Worst injury story?  
Once i cut my finger trying to open a beer for a friend at a party, i spent 2 days in hospital it was that severe. Worst part was i missed a golden oppertunity with a super sexy german girl.

Favourite spot to roll?
Thompson box for sketchy sunday sessions.

What was the last thing you ate?
Skin off my lip…

What gets you juiced on your ipod?
Anything with a good beat and flowing vocals. very much into electronicat the mo.

Best pickup line? 
I’m Australian. (only works outside Australia or with foreigners, but its one of the best out there)

Best live gig?
I know i’ve been to heaps of gigs, but i actually forget most of them…

Favourite quote/moto?
Send it.

Who are your influences? 
lance newell, anthony neylon, vinny minton, brian aragon are some of more influencial skaters to me personally, but i’m leaving out hundreds more.

When your not rolling what do you get up to?
Work when i have to, eating, sleeping, partying like its 2013, staying excited.

Legalize it?
Yep, the war on drugs is a lot worse then having more stoned people.

T or A?:
T + A = ^^

3 wishes? 
no violence/war/fuckheads, wouldn’t need anything after that, everything awesome would happen all the time.

Shout outs to:
Anyone still badass enough to rollerblade, vc crew, the rompe cholgas, mum dad and god….ZILLA.