Right 2 Roll 10 Edit, Write up and pics

Right 2 Roll 10

Pics – Aj, Craig, dtrain photos

words – G

Edit – Mitch Macrae

The legacy continues, with Australia’s largest real street comp a
decade deep.$1000 cash up for grabs and the most prestigious prize in Australian
rollerblading history the one and only infamous R2R belt!


The day started of with rain but the sky’s cleared so the battle
of Brisbane could begin. The day before there was a lone gunman loose
in the city of Brisbane so we weren’t shore of how bad the police where going to bust our balls
on the day. But turned out that we didnt have one problem with security
or the police for the hole day which is a first for Right 2 Roll.
The redbull girls showed up to keep us fueled for the day and so the battle began.

Like every Right 2 Roll if you want to win the Right 2 Roll  you have to skate every spot this
year we had 5 spots all up.

Check the edit !

First spot was the green casino rails but cause of all the rain the run up and
landing was super slippery so we found some ply so it was skateable.
The session went on for about 30 min for the warm up then we where of to the
second spot.


The second spot was these marble ledges that where capped but we easily
kicked the caps of. This spot was the spanner of the comp, some big tricks and
crashes went down at this spot,the edit speaks for its self.

dtrain dooey
3rd spot was the famous roma street curved ledge that has been in a couple
of Right 2 Roll’s now, the skaters where juiced and the crowed got
there drink on as the session was shredding. This was the spot where the best
trick was won by levi with his steezy sweat stance down it.A couple of strange
things happened at this spot, when we first got there this pregnant junky
lady walked up and cleaned here needle at the tap in front of everyone,
“man the streets are hard in brisbane” quote from Aj. Then out of now where a midget scooter
rider rocked up, now dont get me wrong but i think the only people that can
get away with riding a scooter are kids under the age of 12 and midgets.


4th spot, was the all might dental king, this spot is gnarly we haven’t hit this
spot up for like 10 years at right 2 roll 2, the rail was freshly painted and
lightning fast, Chris pullar got the session going with a top soul at warp speed
Khalil,paulie and niko all stomped the rail. Levi got jacked of the flat and landed
flat bottom and received a hair line fracture in his hip. The crowed
was getting hyped and random people where stopping to watch, even this old guy
helped out with catching the boys when they came of the rail. so rad.

dtrain khalil

Then it was time for the last spot the infamous botanics rail, the right 2 roll battle
came down to 4 people who skated every spot which where Khalil, Paulie,
Nicko and chris so the battle was on to see who would claim the 10th right 2 rolll.
all the guys where throwing down paulie 450 back slide, khalil fakie 720
just to name a couple, Tiago had a bet with lachy that he couldn’t do the
rail on a bmx for $50, Lachy accepted the challenge and with out ever trying

a hand rail on a bmx befor he straight up sent it! Full disaster sort of peg grind

which sent him straight to the ground, then on his next attempt he hit the ground hard
and his bike went bouncing into the crowed.


Now it was time to decide the winner.
James,Browny and Baz where the judges for the day and the results where in

1 – paulie haack
2 – khalil stenning
3 – Nicko Weston
4 – Chris pullar

Best trick went to levi hicks with a sweater down the curve ledge.

So another R2R in the books 10 years deep its crazy how time flys. And still
no one has won R2R twice.

None of this would be possible with out everyone
single roller out there keeping this sport alive and shout out to everyone that traveled
interstate for the comp.

As always this comp would’nt be able to go down with out the help of the sponsors-

Bayside blades
Skater HQ
Skate Biz
Ground Control
Dead wheels
Bassology Villans
VC clothing.

So support the company’s that support Right 2 Roll to keep this comp going!

So the day way dusted and was time for the after party.. all i can say is that
The lady stripper police that showed up, turns out they weren’t strippers after all.

Roll Forever