Paulie Haack Welcome to the VC family


We would like to introduce Paulie Haack to thwe VC family !

We meet Paulie at the Queensland titles in 2011, this guy was busting out 900’s into the deep as bowl at pizzy park, from that moment we knew Paulie would be down.

His passion for skating gets everyone juiced in a session. Top bloke and also this years winner of the infamous Right 2 Roll Real Street comp.Talk about Sending it!

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Paulie Haack
i’m from Sydney but now i live in Brisbane, Australia
skate setup
Razors Aragon 5’s with white backslide plates and laces
best achievement in your sport-

well my favourite one has to be winning Right2Roll 10!!

favorite trick –
anything to do with spinning, shiftys and big gaps
what got you into your sport –
my dad was the first person, he was actually trying to get my brother into a sport but i ended up loving it too much to stop, so he used to drive me 40 minutes every sunday morning to the skatepark so i could go for a roll haha
worst injury story
well theres been a few, but i’d have to say when i fell off a drop kink rail and completely destroyed my ankle has to be the worst
favorite spot to roll-
well as of the other day, it has to be the backyard, its got an awesome ghetto feel to it thats really fun
what was the last thing you ate-
i’m eating spag bol right now haha
what gets you juiced on your ipod –
anything that reminds me of good times and has a dope beat
whats your best pick up line-
haha thats cute..
best live gig you have seen-
greg casey’s debut release of his remix of a remix “DOCOS!!” haha
favorite quote/moto-
well theres a few.. “YEAH”, “SEND IT”, “SAIL”, and “WE MADE IT!!”
who are your infuences-
all the VC crew that i chill and party with, nils jansons, brian aragon and danny jensen
when your not rolling what do you get up to-
i party with the dopest crew ever, chill with my beautiful girlfriend, and watch the “grinding the cat” edit on youtube haha
legalize it yes/ no?
sure, mix it up a little bit
got a good joke
haha yeah but i’ll have to tell you later
T or A?
why can’t we have both??
if you where given 3 wishes what would they be?
perfect balance, super awesome healing powers, and for a system where i can get infinite wishes
shout outs –
i’d like to thank Velvet Couch Clothing for hooking my up with the freshest gear out and for a place to live, my friends and family over the years that have always supported me, my girlfriend for helping to heal me up when i’m injured and just being awesome all the time haha, Razors for hooking me up with the best skates on the market, tooth paste, cheap sunnies from the petrol station, my ipod, zeus, underwater experiences (blup), and finally, the guy that decided to make the triangle apart of an orchestra haha