Right 2 Roll 8 Real street comp write up and pics

5 street spots a few new and a few old, a day of fine street rolling was about to unfold.

This years Right 2 Roll is party of the WRS ( world rolling series ) it is a 1 star event so the top 10 place will receive points on the WRS.

Spot 1.

All that rolled this mellow square rail had a great time with Rhys Bell, Chris Pullar, Nicko weston all managing some consistency with a variety of tricks. Lachlan Burke put on a great display even with a broken hand.


A High drop rail on the right hand side grabbed the attention of Kieran Deans and Mike Salt. Kieran with a back noogan and Mike backing it up straight after with a smooth soul grind to stale grab of the end finishing proceedings on the first spot.


Spot 2.


An up rail with a tricky run up was no match for Chris Pullar who managed a nice top soul up and transfer sideways to top soul on the next down rail.


To mix things up Rhys Bell and Kieran Deans hit a flat straight out rail off 8 stairs.


Spot 3.


Albert Park rails posed a bit of a challenge with 3 rails in a row all having a very testing down hill run up and landing.

Chris Pullar kicked of the session with a couple of lines and Mike Salt brought some creativity to the spot with a nice one foot roll in to gap at the top of the line. Lachlan Burke stepped up with a nice line top acid then ao porn then back shifty on the 3 rails. Nicko Weston also pulled out some cool stuff as well. Rhys Bell banging in a back cab driver in one of his lines to finish things of.


Spot 4.

The next spot was roma street 15 stair curved ledge which had been featured in past R2R comps. Lachlan Burke nailed some nice tricks. Nicko Weston, Rhys Bell, Kieran Deans, and Mike Salt all stepping up. Khalil showed some skills with a smooth 270 back shifty and Chris Pullar showing some crafty topside skills, Brock Midgley also hitting a true zu. The fine outstanding QLD police were good enough to give a further 10 min part way through the session whilst busting a bike rider for not wearing a helmet. Good job boys.

With consistent and creative rolling at the first 4 spots an epic finish on botanicals was set to go down.

Spot 5.

The always faithful Botanical gardens rail which has featured in R2R numerous times, with the red bull dj truck pumping out some beats the final spot was ready to get destroyed.

Every year this spot is the focal point of some of the best rollerblading Australia has to offer. I continue to wonder what ells can be done down this rail. Once again the trick variety was mind blowing.

Craig Brocklehurst laced some great tricks including a true misfit ao acid. Laurie banged out a cab ao top porn and backed it up with a 450 shifty. Nicko Weston once again pulled out a consistent vocab. Kieran Deans hit up his ever faithful true top side repeituer and also went berserk with a crazy misty flip to finish of his day which also gave him the best trick of the day. Mike Salt showed some fine rail skills and also hit a fakey 360. Chris Pullar brought the zero spin tricks out and also hit a creative soul flat to down. Even Pat Gimzik the local skate board legend threw down on the rail with us. Rhys Bell unleashed with an outstanding rail display nailing 14 different grinds, with spins, switch ups and a fast solid style
So we left botanics rail in ashes once again and another Right 2 Roll in the books.
And like every year it’s always so hard to judge this comp because everyone kills it.

Here are the results
1.    Rhys Bell
2.    Chris Pullar
3.    Kieran Deans
4.    Mike Salt
5.    Nicko Weston
6.    Lachlan Burke
7.    Laurie
8.    Craig Brocklehurst
9.    Brock Midgley
10.  Shane onus



Best trick went to Kieran Deans for the misty flip down botanics and the back noogan on the drop rail.


Big ups to Rhys, Chris  and Kieran for skating so hard on the last day of a 10 day road trip they will be felling the pain for some days to come. Rhys did actually come back from the dead after getting stabbed in the ankle on the first day of the road trip but that’s another story.

Every year we see and meet new rollers which shows the scene is growing so keep rolling and live the life.
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Also thanks to the other sponsors who helped put this on
Skate Biz
Bayside blades
Skater HQ
Ground Control
Vicious Bearings

And Paul Kreutzer who helped out with some of the prize money

And everyone that has supported VC over the years thanks for making this event possible!
See you all again next year for Right 2 Roll 9.


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