VC China trip 2015 – video and pics


Some of the VC team went over to China to catch up with the guys doing shows in Tianjin and Beijing,

Now if you want city’s with marble ledges for days and  street skating with out getting kicked out…. China is the place for you! Might I add the street food is amazing and beer is soooo cheap haha.

Check the edit and pics from the streets of an abandon city in Tianjin to Beijing Woodward.

Good times Great people!


Edit by Mitch Macrae


Paulie haack ( razors Australia ) Rob kellet ( Remz Australia ) Oliver Czaja, AJ Stine, Gerard Ahrens, Jamie Sims, Mitch Macrae, Marc gyver, Benjamin Hudson ( igi ), Diego Galdames Salazar, Denis gul


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