Vicenzo Luque


We also met Vicenzo from Chilie while we where over in china, This guys also kills the park! he can front flip his bike like a boss! and is always down for a good laugh but his riding def speaks for its self.
so here is his welcome to the family profile.


name- Vicenzo Luque Padilla

from- Santiago, Chile

your bike/skate setup – i’m using a frame WTP Dawn, 21 top tube and chain stay 13,20 so short ahaha for me like this is better ahahah, pair of Profile Hubs mini ss, steam up load and handle bars”9″, tires 2.35 its tall my bike i love it, so comfortable.

best achievement in your sport- i missed a biggest competition for me, was the cx-open :c, then my best achievement was the latest competition in Punta Arenas-Chile that came many good rider from many countries in south america. i got the 6th place was sick yeaaahhh ahahah

favorite trick – my favorite trick is “tail whip” and “superman indian seatgrab”

what got you into your sport -now and then some shows on different cities or countries!

worst injury story – demond ahahaha i think when i broke my ankle twice :c

favorite spot to roll- my spot ahahah Parque Araucano Park

what was the last thing you ate- patatoes with eggs by my mom

whats your best pick up line- the best game ever ahahah PUMPED BMX

best live gig you have seen- at lollapalooza 2011, were Chico Trujillo, Kanye West and Cypress Hill.

who are your infuences- know how many thing i could do! and how many where i could stay!

when your not rolling what do you get up to- i tell you now ahaha i’m a lazy guy ahahha but i love be lay on my bed really ahahahah and eat so much ahhahahaha and the most important … speak so much shit hahahahahahhahaha enjoy life

legalize it yes/ no? of course… my mom doesn’t have to know about this answer please ahahahha

got a good joke-mmm the last one i remember was when i wrote with Victor on Carlos Espinosa’s Facebook about his new son, we wrote Carlos gonna be dad! ahahahah was so fun for us, many people congratulating to Carlos about that news ahahahahahah he was so mad :s

T or A?- T i don’t know why just hear good ahaha

if you where given 3 wishes what would they be?- give to my mom eternal life :$, get a eternal life too ahahahah and be happy all my life that it

shout outs -thanks to each one of my sponsors for let me show them that i can do it and give me the opportunity, so much thanks to my mom, she is the best my hero. i hope to be each day better on bmx and my life, i’m so happy with my lifetime. love you G


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