Pascal MR Welcome to the VC family.


We would like to introduce Pascal Morasse-Raymond to the VC family.

Pascal is from Quebec, Canada and has been rolling over in china for the past couple of years, This guy holds the skate park down like a boss, and also kills the streets and his skates :) So with out further ado Pascal MR !

name-        Pascal Morasse-Raymond

from- Saguenay, Quebec, Canada

your skate setup – USD Carbon free, GC Featherlight 2, VC Wheels

best achievement in your sport- 6th @ asian x-games 2011

favorite trick – Mistrial variations

what got you into your sport – They dropped a mini ramp right next to where I live. At first people didn’t know what to do with it… most of the kids brougth their mountain bikes or skateboards. As I was already ice skating on winter time I just got some inline skates and started to ride the ramp. Eventually when internet came, I realized I wasn’t alone and got even more into it.

worst injury story – Landed chest first on my thumb after a fakie 540… the thumb lost.

favorite spot to roll- Arrows skate shop’s grind box

what was the last thing you ate- Duck eggs and some fried intestines… damn.

what gets you juiced on your ipod – 70’s progressive rock, Electro, Punk Rock

whats your best pick up line- Hey girl! (said in Chinese it usually works good)

best live gig you have seen- Radiohead @ Montreal

favorite quote/moto- So wrong, yet… SO RIGHT !

who are your influences- My brother Joel who inspired me to start skating, Jean Gagnon who is the first in the Quebecer’s tradition to come in China, Pascal Fillion who is the reason I didn’t stop skating while we were only 2 to keep the scene alive in my hometown.

when your not rolling what do you get up to- I play drums, I play video games, I try to learn some stuff about editing/filming. I also work in a inline skate shop/school so I get busy with that.

legalize it yes/ no?- Yes, but still dont take it.

got a good joke- St’une fois un gars y rentre d’un bar, y resort de l’autre bord.

T or A? Depends if I can touch or not.

if you where given 3 wishes what would they be?

The abolition of money for a system where everyone posest the same things and your job is to build infrastructures for everyone to share.

Be able to roll all my life.

I wish that if the humanity is going towards a reset, that everyone dies at the same time so we would just make the biggest party out of it.

shout outs – Well, I would like to thank Velvet Couch for the support and the love they have in what they do. My parents who are supporting me into becoming myself and not what they wish I was. Thanks to my friend Wang Shuo who’s been keen enough to come film me for 2 months. Everyone that have a passion and that by representing what they believe in, get more people into it.