18th January

Carl Tangen welcome to the VC family

We are proud to introduce Carl to the VC family!


name- Carl Tangen

AKA – Meat

crew – ATUA

from – masterton nz, resides – wellington nz
skate setup -xsjado 2.0 ground control featherlite 2 and what ever wheels i can get
best achievement in your sport- first ATUA CREW inductee getting on VC, all the hate citys but mostly winning best trick Hate City 2013
Favorite trick – royale lol
hardest fight – either Mario Williams or Brook Haami the second time
what got you into your sport/s – Rolling, Mighty Ducks movies but it dont snow where i live so i stared grinding
fighting, kung fu movies an a mate introduced me to Muay Thai

worst injury story – Smashing all my front out off a bridge (ask me) or breaking my elbow missing a neg makio
favorite spot to roll – Tauranga High School Rails
what was the last … Read More »

12th March

Paulie Haack Welcome to the VC family

We would like to introduce Paulie Haack to thwe VC family !

We meet Paulie at the Queensland titles in 2011, this guy was busting out 900’s into the deep as bowl at pizzy park, from that moment we knew Paulie would be down.

His passion for skating gets everyone juiced in a session. Top bloke and also this years winner of the infamous Right 2 Roll Real Street comp.Talk about Sending it!

Check the profile!

Paulie Haack
i’m from Sydney but now i live in Brisbane, Australia
skate setup –
Razors Aragon 5’s with white backslide plates and laces
best achievement in your sport-

well my favourite one has to be winning Right2Roll 10!!

favorite trick –
anything to do with spinning, shiftys and big gaps
what got you into your sport –
my dad was the first person, he was actually trying to get my brother into a sport but i ended up loving … Read More »

27th February

Pascal MR Welcome to the VC family.

We would like to introduce Pascal Morasse-Raymond to the VC family.

Pascal is from Quebec, Canada and has been rolling over in china for the past couple of years, This guy holds the skate park down like a boss, and also kills the streets and his skates :) So with out further ado Pascal MR !

name-        Pascal Morasse-Raymond

from- Saguenay, Quebec, Canada

your skate setup – USD Carbon free, GC Featherlight 2, VC Wheels

best achievement in your sport- 6th @ asian x-games 2011

favorite trick – Mistrial variations

what got you into your sport – They dropped a mini ramp right next to where I live. At first people didn’t know what to do with it… most of the kids brougth their mountain bikes or skateboards. As I was already ice skating on winter time I just got some inline skates and started to ride the ramp. Eventually when … Read More »

15th January

Khalil Stenning

We meet Khalil back when he was only knee high to a grass hopper and not much has changed :) Pushing him self in rolling and life is what khalil is all about. Top bloke and the bon jordan ( his alter ego ) is awesome to get on the piss with.

So here is his welcome to the family profile.


Khalil Stenning

Brisbane , Australia

Skate setup:
Razors dre powell 2’s, ground control featherlite frames , Vc wheels, anti-rocker setup.

Best achievement in your sport?
Still standing.

Favorite trick?
Fakie 720

What got you into the sport?  
An old friend of mine introduced me to the sport, i saw him one day carving up at a local park and couldn’t believe how much flow and style he had in his skating, and how easy he made it look. i had seen some rollerbladers but none that made it look … Read More »

6th December

Gerard Ahrens